Introduction to Trichology

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Introduction to Trichology is an online learning course for aspiring trichologists. Our step-by-step approach builds a knowledge and understanding of hair and scalp issues, so you can share your wisdom in the classroom, the work place, home or clinic.

This Course will give you a good basic understanding of what trichology is all about, which is the science and study of the hair and the scalp and their related conditions.

You can learn at home and at your own pace. At the end of the course, successful students will receive a 10 CPD hours certificate and be equipped to offer advice and refer clients to a Registered Trichologist ART.

Course Structure

The Course consists of 4 Modules, each one containing a number of individual lessons, plus a mutliple choice assessment quiz in the middle and end of each Module.  

  • Module 1 covers the sciences of the human body 
  • Module 2 covers the structures and functions of the integumentary system
  • Module 3 covers immune responses
  • Module 4 covers Trichology-related hair, scalp and skin disorders